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The best compliment that I can ever receive would be a referral. In my eyes an honest review is just as good of a compliment. It provides potential clients with firsthand insight on why they should choose Larry's Gym for Muscles to help with their fitness goals! Here are a few testimonials left by some of my clients! 

I highly recommend Larry’s Gym for Muscles. In six months, I lost over 40 lbs and felt the health benefits of being “in shape.” I continued with Larry for 15 months before I was ready to go out on my own. The knowledge I learned from Larry gave me a solid foundation in health and fitness. I’m now able to build my own routines, track my progress, and set new goals.
Some people, like myself, need a push to start heading in a better direction. Larry’s Gym for Muscles is definitely a great starting point and will be a value to any person for years to come no matter their current level of fitness.
First picture is when I started and the second picture is after six months of working with Larry.

- Jayson


"So thankful to Larry at Larry’s Gym for Muscles for helping me get into shape so I can run around with my young daughter. With out him always pushing me to places I did not believe I could get to, I would never be able to keep up with her"

~ Jennifer

"I was working out and losing weight on my own. I dropped 15lbs then plateaued. That’s when I signed up for Larry’s Gym for Muscles. Not only did I start dropping weight again but I was able to lose weight more steadily then working out on my own. I worked out in a small group which kept it fun. Larry is a great trainer. He keeps the workouts varied targeting total body without being too repetitive. If you are looking for a personal trainer, I highly recommend Larry at Larry’s Gym for Muscles!"

- Cynthia

I'm new to structured workout sessions and have never had a Personal Trainer. Larry has been great at not only making me feel comfortable where I'm currently at in my exercise life. I'm active in sports, but not so much in the "gym". He encourages and pushes me to (safely) do more. I need accountability with my workouts and I definitely get that with him. I'm looking forward to seeing my transition in the next 6 months! Plus the music is pretty great!

- Jason

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