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About Larry

For the past 15 years health and fitness have both been something I have grown to become extremely passionate about. This, however, was not always the case. In fact, both subjects were non-existent from childhood into my early adult life. When I did finally decide to make a change, like so many, it was ultimately the result of a life changing event. In January 2002 my father passed away, at the incredibly young age of 44, from HTN (Hypertension), CVD (Cardiovascular Disease), and Type 2 Diabetes. After dealing with that type of loss, at 19 years old myself, I can honestly say I did not fully understand how preventable his death could have been. A few years later, I found my way into a gym and started to learn more about fitness and nutrition. Over

the next couple of years I took such a strong interest that, in 2009, I

enrolled in school to pursue a degree in the field. Therefore, in 2013, I

graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelors degree in

Health and Human Performance, and a concentration in Exercise

Science. It was during the course of my studies that I truly learned how

impactful minor changes in our eating habits, as well as how beneficial

incorporating exercise into our daily habits, can be in preventing the

very diseases that led to my fathers’ passing. While attending UofL I

co-ran their "U-Fit" program for the Health Promotion Department (a

division of Campus Health Services) from 2012 - 2013. This experience

provided my introduction into the world of exercise prescription and

the ability to design a customized fitness plan.


As a Personal Trainer who specializes in staving off preventable diseases, reversing already prevalent diseases, or medication reduction/elimination, I take great pride in not only helping you to transform your body, but to truly help you live your best life! This process is not always easy, but the end result(s) will be well worth the effort you put forth. I strive to create a positive upbeat motivating environment for you to thrive in! Whether it is a One-on-One session or Group Training, we will create goals together, work hard and sweat together, and most importantly celebrate wins together! I will provide you with education, guidance, and above all accountably throughout your transformation journey!

Are you are ready to stop existing and start living? Are you are ready to dramatically improve your quality of life? Are you ready to shed your dependence on medications (or lessen the potential of ending up on them)? If so, send me a message, give me a call, or shot me a text and we can schedule your first free session. I would be honored to help you successfully achieve your fitness goals!

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